Monday, April 1, 2013

Clemens RC win on Lista

It's no secret that Roger Clemens cards are no longer desired in the hobby. I have plenty of Yankee Clemens cards, and never say no to them if someone wants to include them in a trade package. They have a place in my Yankees collection.

There was recently a lot of Clemens cards on Listia with a very foggy photo. I did make out a RC, and I put in a low bid and won. I had always wanted to own his 1985 Topps RC. It was just one of those cards I saw in Beckett all the time growing up. It was an unexpensive, unattainable card. Obviously, times are different, and I'm an adult now. When I see this card, I don't see a cheater or a roidhead. I just see a card that always caught my eye as a youngster. Feels good being able to own it.

There were a few other interesting items in the lot as well:

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  1. If you want to part with the Hologram or the long skinny card I'd be willing to trade for them.