Friday, April 12, 2013

Vintage on Listia? Yes please.

I'm still getting the hang of Listia. I've run quite a few auctions, and after enough disappointing end results, I think I finally figured out a fairly decent formula to ensure some good-sized bids, as well as the cards/lots that drive these bids.

Anyhow, I've tried to be better about my bidding/spending as well. After missing out on a 1961 Maris because I didn't have enough credits, I've vowed to keep a certain balance. Sadly, I don't think I'll ever come across another card like the Maris.

That didn't stop me from picking up two decent vintage lots. The first are two team cards from 1968 Topps - the Angels and the Dodgers. The Angels card is in decent shape. So is the Dodgers, except it's cut a bit funky. Both are for trade.

The second was a 1966 Topps lot I got for pretty cheap, partly because the cards have holes punched in them. Regardless, how could I pass up a Yankees team card that includes Maris and Mantle? I couldn't. The other card, with the same hole punched in it, features Frank Robinson and Willie Mays.

Pretty good scores!

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  1. I have no idea what Listia is, but this is the second blog post mention of the site that I've perused through in the past five minutes....I must be missing something!

    Great cards. Very fortuitous that the "punch holes" avoided all players. Bonus!

    You know, I think it's interesting. I LOVE those old League Leaders cards from the 60's sets. They're a great way to obtain some vintage cardboard of some fine Hall of Famers for low prices......however, I never really care for or get excited about the League Leaders cards that I pull from today's sets. I wonder if I'll (or my son) feel differently abou them in the future?

    I do love the team cards, too!