Friday, August 29, 2014

A Dutch Victory

A few weeks back, The Dutch Card Guy pulled an A&G rip card and held a contest about the mysterious card. I correctly guessed that it was a Jacoby Ellsbury card, and somehow, my guess was right! It was weird...I was actually watching the Yankees at the time and Ellsbury was up, so that's why I guessed him. Pretty cool.

For the correct guess, I won a prize:
Sweet1 I've gotten a David Phelps auto TTM before, but not a certified one. This GQ on-card auto is really nice! I like how loopy his signature is.

The Dutch Card Guy also threw in a healthy stack of Yanks. Here are some highlights. Mr. Dutch, thanks for the contest and prize!


  1. I also just wrote a post about a package he sent me ! the blogosphere is all orange today

  2. Thanks for participating in the contest and glad you like the cards !