Friday, August 8, 2014

Is 2 always better than 1?

One of my newest pickups is this Michael Pineda Topps Fines dual jersey autograph. The sexiness of this card is high. It's a refractor. It's low-numbered. There's an autograph. And there is a jersey swatch. Actually, there are two of them.

I don't really get that. Sure, I appreciate the extra swatch, but why put two of the exact same pieces right next to each other? One would have looked just fine. Or maybe a home and away swatch? I don't mind multiple swatches, but that's an opportunity to something a little more than just two of the exact same thing.


  1. I always try to cherry pick the Pirate "hits" from Finest. Would love to open some boxes, but always seems overpriced.

    That Pineda is a sharp looking card. Looks like a 90's insert.

  2. You make an excellent point! I've never understood that either, unless the multiple swatches are used as the background for cut-out labels/titles/names, like in TTT. Not the case though, with this one...

    However - SWEET, SWEET Pineda! Can't wait for him to return and give everyone a quick reminder of how dominating he can be, pine tar or not. Let's go Yanks!!!

  3. I actively hate multi-swatch cards of the same swatch. The tragedy is that nearly all of them I come across are like that.

    That card looks like an homage to the emerald green All-Star cards of the '93 Finest set. Love it.