Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Robert went to the #NSCCShow!

If you follow his blog, you know that Robert of $30 A Week (not Day) Habit attended The National. Besides picking up cards for himself, Robert kept in mind his fellow collectors who were not as fortunate to attend. Luckily, I was one of those collectors.

Robert sent me five really nice cards, along with a note that said, "You may not have gone to the National, but a piece of the National has come to you." So awesome!

First, a Tino! I admit, I do have this one, but a 1994 Finest is always welcome.It's cool to me that when someone comes across a Tino, they associate him with me.
Two really nice relics that I didn't have. Brett Gardner is having a terrific year and is making his contract look like a better deal by the day. Back in 2011 I tried to put this Topps 60 Yankees relic team set together. It's still on my wantlist, so I'll keep trying. And Cano...well, I miss him. But hey, at least he still looks like a Yankee on 2104 Heritage Clubhouse Collection cards.
Finally, two 2013 Topps Gold cards. I love the Mo. I can never get enough Rivera tribute cards. And CC! He was dominant in the 2012 ALDS...man, that feels like forever ago.
Robert, thank you so much for thinking of me!


  1. Seriously -- Robert went to the National, and we all did better than we could have ever hoped for as a result.