Sunday, June 14, 2015

Congrats, Mason Williams!

I am a few days late here, but I really haven't had much time to blog. Still, I wanted to congratulate one of my favorite prospects, Mason Williams, on his promotion to the big leagues, not to mention his first hit being a HR at Camden Yards.

In an April 9, 2015 post, I wrote the following:

Mason Williams, an OFer, is a MLB-caliber defender right now. Watching him the past two spring trainings, he just looks the part. Sadly, his bat has been lagging behind and he has been questioned for his maturity. Now 23 and leapfrogged by several OF prospects in the system, it's a big year for Mason. I still think if he shows improvement with the bat, he can be an eventual Major Leaguer. He's starting this year in AA Trenton, and I'm really pulling for him to have a big year.

While I did believe what I wrote, I didn't think it would happen in just two months. However, Mason Williams did it. I'm proud of the kid. He really turned it around, and I hope he can stick. Yes, some guys got injured to open up the opportunity, but he really put himself in position by his hard work and results this year.

So between Slade Heathcott, Ramon Flores, and now Williams, the Yanks have had three promising OFers make their MLB debuts this season. I hope these guys contribute all season long and beyond.


  1. With Ellsbury coming back from the DL relatively soon, Beltran's contract guaranteeing him a place in the lineup/roster and Brett Gardner being good Brett Gardner, I'm afraid the window for our young friends is closing. At least until the rosters expand in September. What's worse is that this will no doubt be the same case next year as Beltran will still be on the team then.

    1. Yeah, I do agree...although sometimes these things work themselves out. Beltran's knee is barking, so maybe he's DL-bound at some point. Beltran's contract will be easier to eat next year with only one year left on it as well.