Monday, June 8, 2015

The JBF Mystery Box

This past spring, Jaybarker fan held a Big Fun Game in honor of Napkin Doon of the dormant The Adventures of Napkin Doon blog. Napkin actually participated, but then didn't keep his word about blogging about then game. Figures.

As part of the Big Fun Game, I swiped a Mystery Box of cards. What could be in there? 1987 Topps? Some sexy Bench Warmers? Dick Tracy cards? Packing peanuts?

I anxiously awaited, and here's what I found:
Ohh yeah! In typical JBF fashion, of course he would tailor the cards to whoever won the mystery box. Below the Cano is also an unopened pack of top loaders (always helpful!), and the cards were flanked by some 1988 Donruss was packs. I opened one pack, and saved two for my kids to open one day in the future. Here are the highlights from my pack. Two HOFers...not bad!
You can already see the Cano, but here's a scan. I loved these blue foil Opening Day cards, as this one is from 2013. They were super nice. Behind that was an emerald foil Jeter, so these two looked awesome falling out one after another.
More foil! Although this one is from Panini. This is a pretty sweet Ichiro!
I was thrilled to see this one fall out! I do have a copy of this card, but I was never expecting to have another one. It was sandwiched in the loose cards section over on the right. It's one of my favorite cards of all time!
A nice assortment of other Yanks to give you an idea of what else was in there:
And finally! Wes also included a bunch of sweet Bengals hits! I love the Jeremy Hill jersey. He's a stud and can't wait to see him in year two. And the Devon Still auto is great. He's obviously been pretty front and center this season as his daughter, Leah, has undergone cancer treatment.
Wes aka JBF, this was awesome. Thank you!


  1. The Mystery Box! Yes!
    I forgot all about this prize. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey hey hey. Whoa whoa whoa. Wait wait wait. What did you say about me?

  3. There was no time frame on our deal...