Monday, August 31, 2015

A Bazooka Blast

Do you ever see a card for sale so many times and automatically assume you have it? It happens a lot for me.

I'm usually pretty good about knowing which Tinos I have, but I missed this one. I had seen it so frequently on eBay I just filed it in my brain that it was a "have". However, I found one for cheap, and when I actually checked my master list, I realized I did in fact need it.

It was a happy accident, and anytime I can add a new Tino relic to my collection for a very small price, I do it.

It's a fun card from a fun set. The mid-90s Bazooka were a big deal to me growing up since the packs were so affordable. I could buy a lot of them. The bulky size was weird because of the piece of wrapped Bazooka. I remember not liking that.

I think Topps brought it back in the mid 2000s, but I wasn't collecting then so I don't know a ton about the sets, but obviously they went all 2000s by adding relics. I wouldn't mind seeing this set make a comeback at some point, as Bazooka has a rich tradition within baseball and the trading card industry.  

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