Friday, August 7, 2015

Big Mike is hurt, so here are some cards.

Michael Pineda is on the DL with a forearm strain. While I hate seeing him go down with arm injuries because of his injury-filled past, I'm interested to see if it'll be a blessing a disguise. He hasn't thrown a lot of innings since he chucked 173 back in 2011. He was on pace to get close to that number. Perhaps he needs a few weeks of rest and rehab, and he'll come back fresh for a September and October playoff run.

Maybe not, but I'm going to look at this as a positive.

Oh, and to make myself feel better about his absence, here are a bunch of cards of his I picked up over the last few months, but never posted about.


  1. Forearm strain is always scary to here. Hopefully he can help lead you guys for the final push in September.

  2. He should just get the surgery now.