Monday, August 3, 2015

First card at my new address!

I am finally moved into the new house! It was painstaking, as many of you who have moved recently know. Plus, my cards are all still boxed up. It's a very unsettling feeling.

A few days ago, I received my first bubble mailer at the new house. My wife rolled her eyes. Oh good, your baseball cards know where to find you...or something like that she said.

Anyhow, inside was this lovely Eric Jagielo auto. This set is stunning, and I love the on-card autos. The texture of the card is perfect for a signature.
This card arrived just before the trade deadline. I was a little worried by the end of the day that Jagielo might be an ex-Yankee, but luckily he is still in the system. I suppose his injury hurt his trade stock, although the Yanks were very quiet at the deadline, especially in terms of dealing prospects.

Don't forget to shoot me an email if you need my new address!


  1. "My wife rolled her eyes."

    Your wife and my wife should go bowling together.

  2. Jagielo very well could've been dealt, but his injury ruined his stock and other teams stubbornly wanted Judge, Severino and Mateo.

    Great card though :).

  3. Very nice. My wife usually says something along the lines of "you get a lot of mail."

  4. Glad the trade deadline was kind to the Yankees. Can't say the same for my Rockies.