Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Hey dad, can I have more of 'dose movin' cards?"

A few months ago, I gave my son, Joey, a couple of old Sportflics cards from the '80s. He loved them. He called them his "movin' cards." He'd see me sorting cards and go "Hey dad, can I have more of 'dose movin' cards?"

He also liked the sounds it made when he dragged his fingernail across the surface of the card. You know the sound.

I put it out there on Twitter to see if anyone had a few extra Sportflics laying around, as I only had a couple. Well, renowned card Tweeter @BossHardy202 answered the bell. He sent 70 different Sportflics cards for him, and even covered the shipping, which was not necessary.

So far, I have given Joey 5 of them. I didn't want to give them all at once. He just turned 4. Four-year-olds basically ruin everything they touch, so these will be given out in small increments. I'll probably pull out a few of the HOFers, like Rickey Henderson and Reggie Jackson, and place them in his HOF binder.

Richard also was nice enough to include a few cards for me, notably this bad boy:
It's a thick card! Like 10 cards thick.

It's from 2015 Topps Update, and is a coin/medallion type of manu-relic featuring Alex Rodriguez. It celebrates his career grant slams record. I sort of thought his image looked like Mickey Mantle when I first saw the card.

I'm back and forth on manu-relics. Some I like, some I don't. I do like this one, although I'd be bummed if it counted as a hit in a box with guaranteed autos/relics. Admittedly, I don't know if this was the case in 2015 Update.

Richard, thank you, my friend!


  1. That A-rod is pretty cool looking. I enjoy creative mani-relics. As for Sportflics... absolutely love them. Should have a few laying around. I'll makes sure to throw some into your next package.

  2. The manu-relics usually are counted as one of the relic hits in a box.