Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hoyle PWEs are like a box of chocolates never know what you're going to get!

Seriously, Mark Hoyle is a PWE master. I always get really excited when I see one show up in the mailbox, and it never disappoints.

Check out this pre-Christmas one he sent:

Modern releases? Check.
Custom oddball? Check.

Vintage? Check.
Way older tobacco vintage? Check.
Wait, check? Yep! This PWE contained an actual tobacco card. It's a 1911 T205 Joe Knight Yankees card. It's the gold border, American Beauty Cigarettes version. I've never seen one of these in person until I received it. There were modern cards in this design awhile back, but that can't replicate how cool it is to actually own one from 1911. It's hard to believe this is 105 years old. That's crazy.

Mark, sorry it took me a while to post, but thanks!

Ok, back to shoveling snow...


  1. For 105, that card is in really great shape! Nice Hoyle-ing.

  2. Your first T206 was Joe. Your first T205 was Joe. Your son's name is a variation of Joe.

    1. Except I'm an idiot and its Jack Knight. Oops.

  3. Just came in from shoveling myself. The custom was made by a guy who has a blog called custom cards by Bob w. He does great work.