Monday, January 4, 2016

O Kap'n! My Kap'n!

Come on, that's a good post title, right?

Especially when you realize it's a post about the Yankees #1 pitching prospect, James Kaprielian. I know Zippy Zappy will appreciate it, at least.

I'm pumped for Kaprielian's first full season of pro ball. He's got the potential to be a solid, mid-rotation starter at the MLB level sooner than later. People tend to get a little bored with that scouting report. Mid-rotation. Blah. Not me. That sh*t is useful. Plus, there's no telling. Maybe he'll be a top of the rotation guy. Maybe not. But give me a first rounder who was UCLA's ace last season. I like my chances with that guy every five days. Battle tested.

Anyways, I've picked up a few Kaprielian cards as of late. His Bowman Draft auto is out of my price range right now, but I'm hoping to grab it soon. In the meantime, I settled for the slightly less cool, yes still attractive, Bowman's Best auto. It's pretty sharp, and on-card to boot!
This here is a Kaprielian Team USA jersey swatch. I added it to my COMC account a long time ago, but only recently shipped it.
Lastly, a combo-card with another Yankees top-4 prospect, Jorge Mateo. He is a very young (turned 20 last June), blazing fast shortstop. His name is constantly coming up in trades. He swiped 82 bases last year between low-A and high-A ball. I'm not quite as excited about him because he is still several years away and a lot can happen, but I look forward to seeing him progress again this season. It's awesome to have such an exciting guy in the farm system.
Oh yeah, Kaprielian is on the card too.

There you have it. I'm sure there will be a lot more cards to pick up of these two over the next year.


  1. He is a big boy at 6"4. With his pedigree I'm sure he'll be expedited through the system. Guys that feature a good changeup in the minors sometimes get underrated because they are not blowing guys away.