Friday, April 1, 2016

TTM Success: Derek Jeter

April Fools'. Got ya, suckas.
I did get a TTM success yesterday though. Brandon Pinder returned my 2015 Topps with a signature from Yankees spring training. I sent it on Feb 19, so we're looking at a 6 week turnaround. I'll take it! Given how bad my spring training success rate has been, I'm glad to see this come back. Hopefully a few more will trickle in as camp wraps up.

I sent a card to Pinder last spring and did not get a return, then I saw Zippy Zappy get one from him earlier this week, so I was bummed I was going to be going 0 for 2 on him. That happens sometimes, for whatever reason. There have been players I've seen other guys get, and I just can't seem to get a return. It's all part of the game.

Regardless, I complained to ZZ on Twitter, then it shows up in my mailbox. Now I feel bad. Sorry for not trusting you, Brandon Pinder.

Anyhow, Pinder is an excellent reliever in the Yankees system. He pitched in 25 games for the Yanks last year, and I expect him to ride the Scranton shuttle a bit more this year. He pitched well this spring, and was one of the last cuts a few days ago. Although now with Andrew Miller and Bryan Mitchell experiencing injuries, he might be back sooner than expected. Regardless whether or not he makes the Opening Day roster, it won't be long before Pinder is back in the Bronx.

Thanks for the autograph, Mr. Pinder. Good luck!

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  1. Kids, the moral of this story is that complaining to me about a TTM you didn't get on Twitter will get you that TTM.

    Congrats on the Pinder!