Wednesday, April 13, 2016

You can't just let it sit there

I'm a hypocrite.

I often criticize my wife for buying something she doesn't need just because it's on sale. "These black shoes were 80% off!" Then I say, "But you already have three of the same pair." Then she responds, "The sale was too good. You can't just let them sit there."

Then I shake my head.

Then I do things like this:
This 1998 Tino Martinez Donruss Crusade was just sitting on eBay with a low bid. I already have one, mind you. But then my bid won and I paid for it. Do you know why?

Because you can't just let it sit there.

But, Lost Collector, don't you have this exact card? "Yes." So why did you buy it? "Because it's the greatest damn insert set ever created, it's hard to find, and I couldn't just let it sit there."

Don't tell me wife. Don't give her the ammo next time I question one of her unnecessary purchases, because I'm just as bad as she is. I just don't want her to know it.


  1. Ha, I've done that several times. I always quote the South Park where Cartman goes to a big box store and buys a three pack bundle of the movie Time Cop for $18. Too good of a deal to pass up!

  2. You did the right thing man. Now you should find 7 more and make a whole page.

  3. If I make a whole page, will you blog about it?

  4. I support your decision to buy this card. I do the same thing every time I dig through dime boxes. I mean... how many 1987 Topps Barry Larkin rookies does a guy really need to have? But a rookie card of a HOF for 10¢ is just too good of a deal to pass up.