Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Draft night fun

The last few years, I've had fun snatching up a card of the Yankees top draft pick as soon as the pick is announced. This year was no different.

I was half-watching the MLB Draft, not paying a ton of attention, but started to hone in on the TV when the Yanks were almost up. The MLB Draft is the worst of the pro sports drafts to watch (although I can't say I've seen an NHL Draft). In the NBA, you know a lot of the top picks from their runs in the NCAA Tournament, plus there are a hundred trades. It's exciting and can be a major whirlwind trying to keep up, but in a fun way. The NFL Draft is a spectacle, and the first few picks are fun, then it gets boring. However, again there is star power in the form of Heisman Trophy winners and other well-known college stars throughout the seven rounds.

In baseball, no one has seen these guys, unless they are making a College World Series run at the same time, or unless they are a guy like Bryce Harper. Most of the time, it's a high schooler that no one has seen, yet everyone wants because what they read on the internet is true and this guy is going to be the next Mike Trout.

As I anticipated the Yankees pick, I couldn't help but notice that Blake Rutherford was the "best available player" scrolling across the bottom of the screen. Most experts had him going in the top 10, yet here he was, on the board at #18. The Yankees putting a stop to that, gobbling up one of their most exciting Draft picks in ages. The pick was pretty much universally praised, as some analysts actually preferred Rutherford to some of the other top picks. The major knocks on him were "Prospect fatigue" and that he was old. He's 19. So old.

The big question is: can the Yankees sign him away from his UCLA commitment? Most seem to think it's going to happen.

Anyhow, right when his name flashed on screen, I raced to eBay, found a relic and a Crusade, and quickly purchased them. I checked back an hour or two later, and these same cards were going for a lot more. Many auctions had been revised to say "Yankees" in the title.
Here's to hoping Blake signs! Otherwise, I have cards of some college player for UCLA. No thanks.


  1. I really enjoy the draft now because many of the top picks for the Pirates head to Morgantown to play for the Black Bears!

    It is always satisfying when a consensus top pick falls into your laps. The Pirates had a similar case a couple years back when Austin Meadows fell. He is likely going to be the Pirates top prospect next year and maybe a top 10 overall.

    Good luck to Blake Rutherford.

  2. I'm a big MLB draft junkie and usually do some prep work on my own before the draft is held. I didn't bother this year though, because the Cubs didn't select their first player until the 104th pick. Bleck.

    1. P.S. - Sent you two Stars and Stripes Rutherford cards in a PWE yesterday, one for a TTM and one for your collection.

    2. Thanks! The minute he signs and is assigned, I'll ship one out!

  3. That Crusade is pretty as heck. Crazy to think that Rutherford's been in products since 2012 (he had some USA cards in 2012 Elite Extra Edition as a 14 year old).