Friday, June 24, 2016

TTM Success: Travis Hissong

I’m on vacation! But I did set this up as a scheduled post, so let’s see if it actually works.
Yankees prospect Travis Hissong signed and returned my Rookies App custom card in 23 days c/o the High-A Tampa Yankees. At the time of writing this, Hissong, a reliever, has pitched in 18 games, striking out 44 batters in 34 innings while walking just four. His ERA is a tidy 1.32, and WHIP is a microscopic .74. He’s definitely putting himself on the map as a legit relief prospect.

In a very cool gesture, he also sent a nice hand-written note, which doesn’t happen frequently, but is always awesome when it does.
Travis, you are the man. Thanks!


  1. Travis was the man last year. He was/is the type of really friendly cool dude that everybody likes. He was so cool that some people got custom jerseys in his honor last year.