Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SuperTraders #14: Cards on Cards

Man, all I can say is that Kerry from Cards on Cards must bust a lot of wax! He always sends a bunch of a team bags packed with both Yankees and Knicks cards for me, and the fun part is they are from all years. While some is newer product, there is always a healthy assortment of 90s and 00s.

Here’s some of the newer product, including a bunch of Heritage high number or Update or whatever it might be called. I actually like this set quite a bit, as it’s cool to get Heritage cards of rookies and lesser known players. It’s a nice TTM alternative to Topps Update for some of the lesser-known guys.
I don’t usually buy A&G, so I appreciate receiving them in trade packages. I didn’t mind last year’s design. Does anyone else feel like we’re at the point with A&G where the designs are all meshing together a bit?
Topps Stickers! I didn’t know these were out for 2016, but here they are. I like the design – super simple, which is what you need in such a small layout.
There were a few packs of these 2016 Babe Ruth Collection cards by Leaf. Again, no idea these existed! The set itself is pretty neat with a few inserts and some great vintage shots. From what I read, it’s an 80-card base set with a few inserts, and there is also the opportunity for memorabilia cards (spoiler: I didn’t get one). One cool thing is that my 4-year-old son has been watching the animated movie Everyone’s Hero, where a boy named Yankee sets out on a quest to return Babe Ruth’s stolen bat to him. My son knows of Babe Ruth now and asked if he could have a card of him, so I gave him one of these. He was mad it wasn’t a “moving card” (aka SportFlics), but it’s still cool he knows the Babe…sadly from a movie and not from one of my bedtime stories.
As noted, it’s cool to see some photos of the Babe that are not the usual ones from Topps reprint sets.
Speaking of Yankee legends, there was a massive amount of various Mickey Mantle cards in the package.
That's a lot of Mantles!

Despite his two-week suspension, Jorge Mateo is still a big-time prospect. The team dismissed him for a few weeks for mouthing off to team execs, notably about not being promoted and about releasing a player blocking him from a roster spot in AA. Now there is a bit of back and forth and uncertainty about what actually did happen and if that’s why he was suspended. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and comes back better than ever. He’s young. People like to act outraged by these sorts of things, but he should be a junior in college based on his age. College kids are mostly morons, and that can apply to a pro baseball player too.
Here’s a couple cool cards from a few years back. I assume Bernie was tipping his cap after his 2,000 hit versus Colorado.
Now to the basketball portion! Kerry always sends me some great Knicks. When I saw a few Knicks fall out, I said “please let there be a Porzingis rookie, please let there be a Porzingis rookie.” Well, there wasn’t one. THERE WAS TWO!
I really enjoyed watching Kristaps and think he will be a star in the NBA for a long time.

Here a couple more Knicks cards I really liked.
Kerry, great stuff. Thank you, sir!


  1. I forgot about "Everybody's Hero" - it's a good kid's movie, even if it paints my beloved Cubs as crooks & villains. Anyway, this looks like a pretty nice haul to me!

  2. "College kids are mostly morons" I can attest to this as a current college kid.

  3. I loved watching Kristaps!

    I bet their were a ton of hot takes about the Mateo thing on NY radio. You summed it up best. He is a kid and they say stupid stuff sometimes.