Friday, July 1, 2016

TTM Success: Ken Phelps

First off:

It won't let me link to the actual Frank Costanza piece, so that will have to do.

Ken Phelps returned my card signed in just over three weeks time. I will note that I did send three cards, and received only the one back. No big deal. Sometimes players sign them all, sometimes they sign one and return the others. Sometimes they keep a few, like in this instance. I'm still happy to have this back.

Phelps was famously traded for Jay Buhner in 1988 and hit 10 HRs in his first season with the Yanks, then seven more in 1989 before being traded to Oakland in 1989. He won a ring with the A's for his short stint there.

You all know the story by now. Buhner went on to be one of the game's best sluggers in the '90s, hitting 307 HRs after the trade, topping 40 HRs three years in a row from 1995-97. They both seem to have a great sense of humor about it, which I appreciate.

I don't have a Buhner auto, but I love having the Phelps signature, as his name certainly carries a lot of lore with the Yankees. Thank you, Mr. Phelps!

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  1. Nice return. Phelps was relatively serviceable in his time in pinstripes, if he had been traded for a bust he'd probably have a better reputation.