Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two fancy new Tinos

I know you don't want to hear, but life is really hectic right now. We're finishing up the move to the new house, and work is entirely too busy for the summer. Wah wah wah, I know I know. I have a ton of cards scanned from various packages, yet just can't find the time to get to them.

With that, I don't love too many days going by without a post, so here are two new Tino cards I've gotten from various purchases. I didn't have either of these, and they all provide a little something different.
I did have the 1999 Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminescent card, but did not have the Illuminator version. These actually don't pop up very often, so I had to pounce. It's a cool looking card, although shaped rather oddly, especially for scanning purposes.
The second is from The Lost Years with the Cardinals. It's a fairly standard looking bat relic from Topps Pristine, #'d out of 425. Not the greatest Tino relic I have, but new is new.

Hopefully I'll get back to regular posting once August rolls around. Hope everyone's summer is going well!


  1. I think buying a new house and moving an entire family into said house is a pretty good excuse to put the blog on hold. Congratulations! *I can't remember if I've congratulated you yet*

  2. At first I read that relic card as "Fail Memories". I was like, Ouch, Topps! Was that a bat that was used to strike out with or something? LOL