Monday, October 9, 2017

NASCAR autographs from long ago

Did you know that the NASCAR Playoffs are currently going on right now? All of our eyes are focused on MLB, and rightfully so, but NASCAR and their ever-evolving playoff format are in full swing as well.

Admittedly, I don't follow very closely in 2017. I know general storylines, but not much else. However, growing up, I was a big fan, especially of Dale Earnhardt Sr. In the mid-90s, I sent a bunch of TTM requests to NASCAR drivers, and the success rates were always very high. I don't believe I ever sent a SASE either. The teams were kind enough to handle the postage.

A few months ago, I rescued some old bins of mine from my parents attic, and basically transferred them directly to my attic. In one of the bins, I found a few old envelopes of signed photos, and was happy to find all of my NASCAR autographs preserved and in great shape.

I definitely received some of the sport's biggest stars at the time, and the Earnhardt is certainly one that I treasure.
Here are the others:
Signed by both Derrick Cope and Bobby Allison
And while not a NASCAR driver, Bryan Herta used to send signed photos via email requests.
Pretty cool to look back on these, and I'm glad I saved them from over 20 years ago.


  1. I have a bunch of these from races that I attended in the early aughts - I really oughta take a flip through those. Although, I doubt I have nearly as great of a selection as you do. Gordon, Earnhardt, Petty, Allison... holy racing royalty, Batman!

  2. Sweet signatures. I don't really keep up with NASCAR, but I did follow it for a year or two in the 90's. I was a Rusty Wallace fan. Even tried to get myself to like Genuine Draft.

  3. Great stuff. You got some of the best ever. 1994 and 95 were such a great time in the sport.

  4. Your son is going to inherit one of the greatest TTM collections ever isn't he?