Friday, October 27, 2017

Thanks, Joe

Yesterday, the Yankees announced that Joe Girardi will not be returning as manager.

I think Girardi did a very good job over the course of his tenure. He never once had a losing season, and there were a few teams that easily could have lost more than they won. The 2013 and 2014 Yankees come to mind.

I do appreciate steadiness and consistency, which he had. I didn't mind his over reliance on the binder. He was right a lot more than he was wrong.

I figuered he'd be gone after Game 2 of the ALDS, but then rebounded to lead the Yankees to withing one win of the World Series. After that, it seemed there was no way he wasn't coming back.

I also acknowledge there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes; things that go on between the owners and GM and the manager that we'll never know or see. I trust Cashman very much, so he must've had his reasons for not thinking Girardi was the man for the job. I also know he's too smart to let a good manager walk without having a replacement in mind. I highly doubt he's starting from scratch.

I don't know who the next manager will be, and I don't have a favorite or guy I hope for. I just hope it's someone who can successfully lead this new young core for the next few years.

I hope Joe finds happiness, whether he chooses to manage again right away (Nats?), goes back to TV, or just takes a year or two to slow down. He was a great manager, a good person, and represented the organization well.

Thanks, Joe!


  1. I'm by no means a Yankee fan, but I think Girardi is one of the best out there.

  2. I was surprised too. Girardi will take another team to the playoffs.

  3. Not a Yankee fan either, but I was not surprised. He made some baffling decisions over the course of his career there. Really nice, stand-up guy who did a good job of handling the ballclub. Decision-making wasn't the best though and I think that's what clinched it with Cashman.

  4. Now the Redsox should hire him as bench coach

  5. His reliance upon the binder shows he's more than willing to follow along with a sport which is becoming more and more reliant upon decisions driven by data. This is one of the many reasons he'll find another job when he wants it.
    It also wouldn't surprise me if he takes a year off or two and his name is mentioned EVERY time a position comes open, much like Bill Cowher's was when he first left the Steelers.