Tuesday, November 28, 2017

His parents' basement is now clean

Matt over at Summer of '74 recently held his version of the Big Fun Game, although in this instance the "B" stood for "basement". You see, Matt cleaned out some of his old stuff from his parents' basement and created a very unique BFG.
My prize ended up being two Sports Shots collectors books by Scholastic. I actually expected them to be a standard sized book, but they are actually quite small. They are barely bigger than an actual card, as you see here.
Impressive that Griffey was featured after just two seasons!

Matt was kind enough to throw in a few Yankees, as well!
I didn't know Danny Willett had a First Pitch card in 2017. The Yankees usually don't have many guys featured in these sets, so I don't keep a close eye on the checklist.
There was also a very, very shinny Mark Teixeira Heritage refractor. Pretty card!

Thanks, Matt! Hope the basement cleanup was as fun for you as it was for us.

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  1. Nice Tex refractor! For a marquee team with so many famous fans you'd think the Yanks would have more First Pitch participants. But I guess they're traditional like that. That said, it wouldnt surprise me if Topps did a short-printed First Pitch "legends" variation of GW Bush)