Sunday, November 5, 2017

PWE Habit

A few days ago, I got a surprise PWE from my friend Robert over at $30 A Week Habit. It contained two cards, and both were new to me.
I'll start with a new Tino! Robert was kind enough to see this in a dollar bin at a show and snagged it for me. I didn't have it, and it becomes Tino #821. I am missing a ton of parallels from Tino's "lost years" with the Cardinals and Rays. This is a gold parallel from a pretty forgettable set, Upper Deck MVP. According to BaseballCardPedia.com, there are also silver and black parallels (#'d to 50). Looks like I need to track those down, although I could totally have the silver and just not know it, thinking it's the base.
One thing I really liked about 2017 Topps was the return of legends parallels. I enjoyed when Topps did this earlier in the decade, and was happy to see them come back. Some of the photos were really great too. This Babe Ruth is actually Series 2 #580. It's sister card in Series 2 is Matt Holliday. In searching for this card, it was tough to find info on's actually the Super SP! WHOA! An SSP! Very rare card, indeed, and the first of it's kind that has ever been in my possession.

I literally had no idea it was an SSP, and I'm going to venture a guess that Robert might not of either. I think we're both "regular" collectors and things like this don't dawn on us. It's hard enough to keep up with the SP variations. Throw another "S" on there and how could you ever know?

Robert, thanks for looking out for me, pal!


  1. Robert bringing the hotness! Very nice.

  2. Awesome cards! I just grabbed the Clemente SSP #650. I love the Legends SPs. Really enjoyed seeing Honus Wagner or Willie Stargell in sets when it actually was unique.

    Btw I got some Tinos coming your way, but probably won't get them out until next week.

  3. Sweet Baby Ruth. Now that's one heck of a PWE.

  4. New Tino!!!!! I'm sure that was exciting. I know I get a rush when I fund a Bay card that I've never seen.