Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Join Secret Santa!

For the past few years, Matt from Bob Walk The Plank executed a nearly flawless Secret Santa amongst bloggers and collectors. This year, Jon of A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts has stepped up to the plate big time and offered to host. Click here to sign up!

The Secret Santa game has always treated me well.

In 2016, my pal Coach Tom of Waiting Til Next Year sent me an awesome box of cards, with this Phil Rizzuto leading the way. Tom even had someone else mail it so the origins left me very stumped.

Then in 2017, another All-World Blogger, San Jose Fuji, sent me a true treasure and a card I had wanted forever.
I also really enjoy shopping for the person I'm assigned, and COMC's Black Friday is a great way to pick up some good cards to send along.

Thanks to Jon for organizing!


  1. I like to hit up COMC for the Secret Santa gift too, that way you can find something that really fits the person's collection. Only problem is waiting for it to arrive and then having to ship it out..which could mean they don't get their gift until Dec. 15 or so. (I'll probably go that route anyway though!)

    1. Actually thats a great call. This happened to me last year with Kin, who I had for Secret Santa. I got cards right before holidays and shipped to him like Dec 22 and it didn't make it in time.

  2. Thanks for promoting this year's Secret Santa, it's very much appreciated!

  3. I've been the recipient of cards from San Jose Fuji, too. And from the unconquerable Wesley Moore. Great guys. I'm excited for the continuation of the event!

  4. I really need to pick up one of those Jeter Hard Hats for myself. Love those acetate inserts.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I joined and am looking forward to another year of Secret Santa.