Saturday, March 23, 2019

A little Extra confusion

About 10% of my Ty Hensley collection is from 2012 Elite Extra.

It's a confusing set. There are a lot of different versions of each card, from Prospects to Aspirations to Status. Plus each parallel has color and die-cut versions. And then autographs of each. Even typing that out made me confused.

I guess the silver lining is that as a player collector of a guy who doesn't have many cards, it always gives me something new to chase and discover.

Every now and then on eBay, one of these pops up that I don't have. At this point it's usually the lower numbered autographs, although I swear Elite Extra is still putting out new versions of these just to confuse me. I didn't even have to check my 'have' list when this showed up in my saved search. I knew I needed it.
It only set me back a few bucks, and is numbered to just 08/10.

Sure, this set is confusing. But at least it's something that always offers a challenge to chase, and for that, I'll put up with a little confusion any day.


  1. At least you don't have a lot of competition for these low numbered cards :)

  2. Beckett only lists 278 cards for him, and obviously they've missed some. They only have 3 for 2014 and nothing after, so You're pretty darn close to having them all.

  3. A few bucks? That's a steal of a deal!

  4. I feel the same way about the 2004 Elite Edition Kurt Suzuki autographs. There may not be as many parallels... but he inscribed the stickers with different inscriptions to chase down. Anyways, glad you were able to cross of this low #'d card for your Hensley PC on the cheap.

  5. It's times like this that I'm glad that Torrens' Elite stuff were redemptions and none of them ever got around to getting redeemed.

  6. There are so many parallels in today's cards. It's extremely confusing. I think I read that Roberto Alomar has had more cards post Cooperstown induction than pre.