Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Zapped...before Christmas

Over the past few months, I have received two very generous card packages that I've been slow to properly show. They are sort of daunting to scan, which admittedly is the main reason. Each were incredible, but honestly it's just easier sometimes to show off the smaller ones.

One of these was from Zippy Zappy, who for some reason, kept telling me sorry it was taking him so long for a proper zapping. I always thought this was silly, as he owed me nothing.

While I was away for Christmas, a large flat rate box arrived. I figured it likely had one of his repacked hobby boxes, which are always fun. But I was wrong. Here's what was inside.

Yes, there were some of his famous repacks, but not in a box. Instead he sent a full on binder, and some other odds and ends, including a Yankees CD from 1998, which looks to have a collection of Stadium songs and game calls, as well as an Ultra Pro ball case. I have a few signed baseballs that are unprotected, so this will go to good use.
The packs were mostly minor league team sets, which should create some good TTM folder.

On to the binder, which had a custom Luis Torrens taped onto the front, and an Eric Jagielo glass autograph taped onto the inside. Side note - Zippy and I probably spent a lot of money on Jagielo cards, who was one of three Yankees first rounders with Ian Clarkin and Aaron Judge. If we had only funneled all the money into Judge early on...
So I took a pretty easy way out and snapped a bunch of photos to really help show the assortment. It was a really fun binder to flip through, and I've actually still got it intact.
There was a page of almost all relics and autographs, and here are a few. Crazy to see Wilkerman Garcia as a "throw in", as he got SUPER expensive at one point after 2015, but has had a couple of uninspiring seasons since.

This is a new Tino to my collection! If I want to get up over 1,000 Tinos, I should just focus on Topps Tek. That would get me there with all the variations and patterns.
Here's a different assortment of cards I particularly enjoyed as well.
ZZ, this post didn't really do you generosity justice, but thank you for thinking of me.


  1. I wonder if Jeter actually made the double play on that card. If he's leaping over the runner with the baseball still in his hand, it adds some doubt, doesn't it?

  2. Sorry for being sorry so much. Now if you'll excuse me I've got begin crafting another 100+ package for you to be sorry I'm not sending out anytime soon about.

  3. That certainly was a well thought out package! I really like that last Gehrig card, can't say that I've ever seen that set before.