Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Built Ford Tough

Last night, Yankees rookie Mike Ford hit his first career big league home run.

Ford's story is pretty awesome. He was an undrafted free agent out of Princeton, where won Ivy League Hitter AND Pitcher of the Year in 2013. The Yankees scooped him up after the draft for some organizational depth.

Since then, all he has done is hit and climb the organizational ladder, and was pressed into service at the big league level as the Yankees legitimately have an All-Star roster on the IL. Ford seems like a very likable player, so it's great to see him make an impact right away.

Several years ago, Ford was kind enough to respond to a TTM request of mine, where he sent me three signed cards of his own, as well as a nice note.
Things like this make it even easier to root for a guy like Ford. I wish him the bets of luck!


  1. I can root for the player, just not the uniform! ;)

  2. Man... that was really cool of the guy to write you a note. Add one more Yankee I'll enjoy rooting for... even though I dislike the team he plays on.

  3. Very cool. If he ends up having successful career, you've got a potential eBay 1/1 with that missive :)

  4. I've never heard of Mike Ford before but it's pretty funny to see players get to the big leagues who looks more like regular guys off the street.