Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What?! A 2019 Tino?!

This morning, while browsing my Tino Martinez saved search, I came across this:
Whoa! I had no idea Tino was going to be included in 2019, albeit as a buyback autograph. Tino does have a 1989 Bowman, which is his first RC that isn't his XRC from 1988 Topps Traded.

I guess it's his true RC.

I don't love 1989 Bowman for the reasons many don't, namely the oversized yardstick. But still, a certified signed RC?! That's pretty cool.

Tino hasn't appeared in a Topps set since 2006, although I guess that's not entirely true because he did have stamped Bowman Anniversary and Rediscover Topps card. From what I can tell is that he hasn't has a Topps contract since then, as he was left out of recent Home Run Derby insert sets. He was the 1997 champion, after all.

I'm hoping that by signing some of these cards, he has a new contract at that might open him up to a random appearance in Archives or something, similar to Paul O'Neill or Orlando Hernandez. I'd say he's fairly on par with those guys.

Regardless, I thought the $39.99 was a little steep, and sent an offer of $20 figuring seller would counter at $30ish or so. But he accepted the $20, so I won the card. I'll be curious to see how rare these are are where the price ends up going to new ones listed as people open more Bowman. The other players featured are:

  • Andre Dawson
  • Bert Blyleven
  • Cal Ripken Jr
  • Carlton Fisk
  • Dale Murphy
  • Dennis Eckersley
  • Edgar Martinez
  • John Smoltz
  • Ken Griffey Jr
  • Mark McGwire
  • Roger Clemens
  • Ryne Sandberg

And Tino! Solid checklist. Now, I just gotta hope this redemption gets fulfilled. Yikes.


  1. It's always nice when a seller accepts your initial "testing the waters" offer. I'm not a fan of '89 Bowman either, but this card is going to look amazing!

  2. Wow, nice get for the price of a blaster. Congrats!
    That checklist is pretty solid. Lots of HOF power there.

  3. I love collecting buyback autographed rookie cards. You got a great deal on this Tino! Congratulations!