Friday, August 16, 2019

Here come the Tinos

In my initial post about Tino being a part of Allen & Ginter, I noted that since he had a Topps contract now, he'd probably show up in a bunch of products.

Looks like the prediction is somewhat coming true, as he's been included as an autograph subject in both Topps Tribute and the upcoming Archives product. Chasing down new Tinos, especially autographs, is not something I was expecting in 2019. Oy!

At least there are some base cards, and Kin from Beans Ballcard Blog was kind enough to send me a couple A&Gs so I didn't have to purchase them myself.
He sent me a few of the base cards, one of the hot box gold, and two minis the normal back and the A&G back. I am pretty clueless when it comes to A&G and am not in the know with the various types of backs. I'll have to take inventory at some point.

Kin, I appreciate you looking out for me! Thank you.


  1. I'm hoping we get him in Stadium Club next year.

  2. Don't think I've ever chased down a Tino autograph. Might need to look into tracking down one of these Archives autographs that you mentioned.

  3. Looking forward to seeing all your new additions

  4. Very cool of Kin. I finally added Tino to my PC guys (list is up in case you want to dump some dupes).

    1. No kidding! I can assure you I have a LOT of dupes I can start setting aside. From all years.