Saturday, September 7, 2019

A surprise David Cone autograph

In the early spring, Zippy Zappy shared a Twitter post with me that promoted David Cone and Jack Curry's new book, Full Count.

The post mentioned that by pre-ordering the book, you'd be entered to win a David Cone signed card. I think there were 500 or 1,000 available. It seemed like it might be easy to win, as the post wasn't gaining much traction. Regardless, I wanted the book anyways, so I decided to pre-order it.

The website listed a few sites where the book could be pre-ordered, and I chose a signed copy from Barnes and Noble because it was the exact same price as unsigned. Duh. I paid less than $20. I think I had to submit proof of my receipt to be entered, which I did.

The book came in May, and sure enough, one of the inside pages was signed (in pen...come on, Coney). I never thought about the sweepstakes for the signed card.

But then earlier this week, and unmarked white envelope showed up. I'm glad I opened it, because it could have easily been mistaken for junk mail.

Cool! I guess I won one of the signed cards?! No letter explaining the card inside, no "thank you for buying the book", and no protection for the card whatsoever. Just the card in an envelope. Luckily it wasn't creased.

Here's the back:
As for the book itself, I am ashamed to say I haven't even started reading it. When it came, I planned to save it for my vacation. And then I forgot to bring the book. I just never got around to cracking it open over the summer. But I do plan to read it soon.


  1. Well you'd better read the book now, you got two Cone autographs out of it.

  2. Very cool card... especially since it was a freebie. I used to scour B&N for their signed books, but I never end up reading the books I buy (would rather read blogs) and they take up way too much space. They are cool collectibles though.

  3. Now I'm curious to know how many people were in the running for those signed cards?

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