Saturday, September 14, 2019

Clear as day

A few weeks ago, Marc "Bru" reached out to Sooz and I about this cool Derek Jeter Pinnacle clear cut card. He pulled it from a re-pack, and was seeking a new home for it.
Being a prolific Jeter collector, I offered it to Sooz first, but she passed (she probably had it). I pounced and offered to send Bru a Morgan Ensberg Astros autograph that I pulled months ago in a repack as well.

A 1-for-1 trade was born!

The card itself is awesome. I love clear cuts. I always have. I remember seeking them out heavily in the '90s, as cards like Ultra Season Crowns and Stadium Club Clear Cut were amongst my favorites.

Bru also threw in this very cool Yankees patch.
Thanks for the quick and easy trade!


  1. Is the Yankees patch out of a baseball card product? If so... that would be a cool set to build.

    1. I agree. Imagine if the set had throwback jerseys included as well!