Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ty Hensley continues to grind

Just 26 years old, Ty Hensley continues to grind in his effort to get back into pro baseball. This past year, he spent time with the independent ball Utica Unicorns, an awesome team name. Zippy Zippy made me aware of this a feature on Ty last week by the Detroit News. You can read it HERE.

As always, I'm on the prowl for new Hensley cards, and during the last COMC sale, I was able to pick up two different autographs, both numbered to 5:
Nice cards. Not particularly new, as I have the less-rare versions of both of these, but still nice to check them off the list.

I'm proud of Ty and how he continues to fight for his dream, and I wish him all the best in 2020 as he takes another step closer to a big league mound.