Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Ink

It's amazing how the prices of autographed cards can change. Back in the summer of 2018, I reluctantly sold a Miguel Andujar Bowman Chrome autograph for $180. I say reluctantly because I was between jobs and at the time felt like the responsible thing to do. He was in the middle of a very impressive rookie season, and the market was hot. So I sold it. That same card sold for $36 and $38 this past December, so 1. I'd like to buy it back some day and 2. I made the right call at the time.

Obviously missing the majority of 2019 due to injury caused his cards to plummet a bit, and they could still go back up with a strong 2020.

Still, I wanted to made sure I kept a few autographs of his in my collection, so I recently snagged this for less than $8 shipped. Pretty cool looking card, and quite affordable!
That same day, I picked up an autograph of a player I've wanted for awhile, and the object of many prank calls to Mike Francesa:
The joke got a little played out, but still was funny most of the time.
I had been wanting an autograph of his for sometime, but his Yankee ones are a little tougher to find at a good price. This was a minimum bid and I was happy to pay. I know his career certainly was very up and down, but I always enjoyed him as a player and as a personality.

Not a bad two autographs to pick up, and best of all, the price was right.


  1. Nice auto of Jasson Dominguez's namesake.

  2. Dang. Andujar autographs have sure come down. Normally I don't root for any Yankees, but I do hope he bounces back in 2020.