Thursday, January 14, 2021

The need to feel even

For many of us, we receive packages with a note that reads something like, "No need to send anything back. Just wanted to get rid of these."

Except it never seems to work that way.

Like so many others, I always feel like I have a debt to others who send me cards. No matter if the person said we're good and they need nothing in return, there is that unofficial score in my brain that says I'm behind and need to make things right.

I know I'm not alone feeling like this. 

Earlier this week, I received a bubble mailer from Coach Tom at Waiting Til Next Year. A few weeks ago, I sent Tom a few Cubs items I received from the Cubs Race to Wrigley Virtual 5K I ran. I think I sent a small bag and the Cubs shirt that came in the race package.

I told Tom I didn't need anything in return. I wasn't lying! I truthfully had no use for the Cubs gear, and even if he didn't use them himself, I knew he could find a good home for the items. I wanted and expected nothing. I kept the race medal and that's all I needed.

In his note, Tom acknowledged that I said that, but also said "you must know that's not how I operate."

So Tom sent me a few cards, I'm sure to make himself feel better. It wasn't necessary, but the cards were great.

First off, a Robinson Cano signed card! A Cano autograph has been on my 'most wanted' for ages. I just never got around to getting one. It's sad that Cano is now a repeat PED offender. I assume the market for his cards had tanked pretty hard as a result. Yet I never did have that autograph, until now. Very cool!
I had vaguely seen the Onyx Vintage set that was out, but hadn't;t acquired any. And Tom also delivered my first autograph of Yankees prospect Esteven Florial! Very cool! Florial made his debut last year and collected a hit. Hopefully there are plenty more of those to come.
Although we were even to begin with, I really do appreciate these cards.

Now the only question I need to send Tom something back?


  1. Like they say.......What goes around comes around.

  2. I used to be one of those guys who tried to keep things as even as possible... but there are just certain teams that I run out of stuff for more than others. And in other situations... I just know that I'll never be able to send them as much stuff as they've sent me. I'll keep trying though and will pick up specific things when I eventually return to flea markets and card shows.

  3. Hmmm...I should take a look at Canó auctions on eBay. Wouldn't mind picking up a cheap auto of him.

  4. It doesn't matter if it's contest prizes, freebies, or random acts of kindness - I always feel that need that I must reciprocate. I try and do what I can when I can, but the "mental debt" piles up...

  5. good karma all around...if you beleive in that stuff. Cano is a PC guy of mine as well. 'm having a tough time with the double PED suspensions. part of me wants to look past it, but i just can't! curious to see how Florial does this year. he looked like he was ready to go in the couple of at bats i saw last year.

  6. I feel like I'm so awesome that people should send me free cards and I should never have to send any in return.

  7. Holy smokes!!!! Are you going to see if there are any trace PEDs on that Cano card?

    It is a vicious circle! Tom and I have the same thing going on. It helps that he has his inventories online as when I'm buying cards and want to maximize shipping costs and what not it's so easy to dial up his cards and find gaps.