Thursday, February 17, 2011

Payday Pack of Cards: Two 2011 Topps Jumbos

I was thinking about something I could do regularly to make sure that I live up to my mission of buying a few packs of cards here and there. As it so happens, I get paid every Thursday, and today happened to be a payday. So, I am now introducing you to my all-new "Payday Pack of Cards." Creative, eh?

I actually bought two packs tonight on my way home from work. I splurged for two jumbo packs of 2011 Topps. I don't have any goals with this set, but I've traded nearly all my base cards and am depleted, so I want to stay diverse as a trading partner. I was also hoping to pull a Topps 60 relic or auto of a Yankee. I should have known better because I have zero luck.

Without further ado, here are the packs (sorry for bad pics). They were full of inserts and a lot of base cards that I didn't get in the blaster I bought:

Pack 1:
Topps Town Hanley
Kimball Vlad
Topps 60 King Felix
60 Years of Topps Frank Robinson/Brooks Robinson 1968 Topps
60 Years of Topps Jackie Robinson 1952 original back (sweet card)
Diamond Duo Price/Garza
Shiny Gio Gonzalez
Diamond Giveaway (site wasn't working when I tried to redeem...shocker)

Pack 2:
Kimball Rios
Shiny Ethier (big fan of his, I shot a commercial with him)
60 YOT Lost Cards Duke Snider 1953
60 YOT Paul Molitor 1980
Topps 60 Gary Carter
Topps Town Tulo
Vintage Reproduction Jimmie Foxx
Diamond Duo Howard/Heyward
Lance Berkman base card, which I was pumped about because I like him and I didn't have a card of him in a Yankees uniform

There you have it. Overall, a nice little haul for my first Payday Pack of Cards. If you see anything you need, let me know. The Shinys and Kimball's are pending.

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