Saturday, February 26, 2011

TTM Success! Five Yankees in my mailbox

As I mentioned yesterday, in addition to some great trade packages, I had five TTM successes in my mailbox. I recently sent out of a ton of requests, and was starting to wonder when they'd trickle in. Well, it was a great feeling to see five of my envelopes come back at me. Four were for my Topps Yankees project, and another was a past Yankee (and NFL QB).

My first success is Bill Monbouquette. Bill is a Massachusetts native who currently lives in Medford, MA...Red Sox territory. He actually pitched for Boston for eight seasons before being acquired by Detroit and then the Yanks. Bill was kind enough to answer three of my questions - 1. Was it tough to play for NY after spending so much time in Boston? No. 2. Who were your favorite teammates? Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle (good choices, Bill). 3. What current pitcher reminds you most of yourself? Jon Lester. Interesting choice, as Lester is a lefty and Bill was a righty, but I'd assume he means style and demeanor. Bill helped me check off 1968 on my project!

Next up we have three more for my Topps Yankees Project. None of these guys answered my questions, but were still kind enough to sign my cards. We have Joe DeMaestri on my 1961 Topps (as I've said before, that collar is SWEET), Dooley Womack on my 1967 Topps, and Ed Herrmann on my 1976 Topps...all years I needed! Too bad a few of the sigs are in pen, but I'll take it.

Last but not least...a two sport prodigy who started ahead of Tom Brady at QB at Michigan! He was the 3B of the future for the Yanks, but was traded to the Reds in the Denny Neagle deal. The Yankees then reacquired him for Wily Mo Pena. I'm talking Drew Henson! He did end up recording ONE hit with the Yanks. A cool success none the less!

Thanks for checking this out. I received four more TTMs Saturday afternoon, and I'll highlight those soon as well!


  1. Nice!

    I'm surprised that Drew Henson signs through the mail. If I still have any of his cards, I may have to try writing to him

  2. Sounds like you're having a good weekend. I have that same Womack card that I have been meaning to send him, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.