Monday, February 28, 2011

TTM Success: 2 more as my hot streak continues

I'm on a TTM roll! Three days in a row, my mail carrier has brought me multiple SASEs with autograph goodness. Today, two more contributions to my Topps Yankees Project. Suddenly, I only have 17 different years to go. That seems both daunting and managable.

The first success is a 1964 Topps signed by Bud Daley. The signature looks awesome across this card. I really like the '64 Topps set. Mr. Daley also answered my questions:

1. What was it like to join the 1961 Yankees in the middle of the season? Great! I went from last place to first place.
2. Who was your favorite teammate? Mantle (common answer. The Mick was loved)
3. What current pitcher reminds you of yourself? Maddux (I'd assume Greg)

My second success was a bit of a surprise. Cliff Johnson signed my 1979 Topps card.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring more successes and keep my hot streak alive!

1 comment:

  1. Nice - I've been getting a ton on one day & an empty mailbox for two or three days before the next batch shows up.

    I hope you get a few more back tomorrow. :)