Friday, February 18, 2011

Trade Review: Cards on Cards

You're all probably sick of me reaching out to you about trades by now. However, I'm really doing it to learn more about the cards/sets that I have missed the last few years. I'll try to find a card or two from your want list, and ask for a recent Yankee or two in return.

I just completed a trade with Kerry from Cards on Cards, and the assortment that he sent me is proof as to just why I do this. I sent a Chone Figgins 2010 Bowman Chrome Refractor, and Kerry sent me a great lot of a couple newer Yankee cards, and a few Tino's from his time with the Cardinals (aka Lost Years as I call them). I definitely didn't have a few of them, so I appreciate that big time. Additionally, Kerry sent me a couple 2010 Topps 206's - Jeter and Teixeira. I hadn't seen this set before, so it was great to check those out. I like them. There was also a 2009 UD Goodwin Andy Pettitte. This set was foreign to me as well. The fact that it was a Pettitte cards made it even better. The lot was rounded out with a Topps Joba RC from 2007.

Kerry, this was an awesome lot and I am really happy with what you sent. It's fun to see a few new sets that I didn't know about. Thanks again!


  1. I'm always interested in Angels cards (but not from the 80's) so if you'd like to trade let me know. I'll check your want list but do you also like a mix of anythig,or just Yankees?


  2. Yeah, I'd love to trade. I'll go check out your want lists as well. Mine is basically Tino Martinez, Yankees cards, and a select few insert sets on my want list. I'd definitely trade a stack of Angels for Yanks though.