Saturday, January 14, 2012

A 1962 Topps floating heads card

A few weeks ago while surfing eBay on my mobile phone, I came across a 1962 Topps 1961 AL Strikeout Leaders card. I put in a low bid and ended up winning the card. It’s in rough condition but I didn’t pay much. Plus, it’s got Whitey Ford on it. And some other floating heads. It's actually my first vintage floating heads card.

I know that Jim Bunning is a fantastic TTM signer. What do you think – should I try sending this card to him in hopes of getting it signed?


  1. Bunnings a great signer, why not give him a shot? Nice card btw!

  2. All of those guys sign TTM. I would give it a shot. I completed this card last year...although Bunning kind of messed it up. Ford and Pascual usually charge a fee and Pizarro signs for free. He lives in Puerto Rico.

  3. I've gotten Bunning twice. I'd go for it!