Friday, January 20, 2012

My first (and second) printing plate 1/1's!

I’ve wanted a 1/1 Yankees card for quite some time. Of course I’ll never pull one in a pack, so I keep my eye out from time to time. Problem is, most Yankees 1/1’s go for a pretty good chunk of change. On eBay, I found a listing titled “2011 NY Yankees Prospects Printing Plates 1/1 Lot of 2.” Hmmm. I clicked on it and saw two printing plates from 2011 Topps Pro Debut. One was of one of my favorite prospects – Gary Sanchez. Had the seller listed his name in the title, he would have made more money. The second card was Tyler Austin, another promising prospect.

 I bid $13 and won the auction, receiving both printing plates. I was thrilled to get one, and now I have two, including Gary Sanchez. Some other printing plates of his have gone for around $50, and a few are listed on eBay for over $100. I think I got a good deal!


  1. Well done, my 2012 goal is a printing plate of Chris Getz

  2. Pulled a Mark Teixeira Leather Nameplate from series 1 earlier, if you'd like it!


  3. Sick pickups man, sometimes you just get lucky like that! Gotta love a little bit of luck!

  4. Very nice deal. I usually set my plate dollar limit around $15 for a great player and $10 for a prospect or middling player. So you did really good by my standards.

  5. congratulations on your pick ups... it's pretty cool that 1/1's are selling at affordable prices these days. maybe a 2013 goal will be to pick up at least one 1/1 for each of my pc teams.

  6. Three years later, this is still a massive steal.

    1. I tend to agree! It was really the product of a poor listing. I figure it might be worth flipping once Sanchez makes it to the Majors, but we'll see.