Friday, March 16, 2012

TTM Success: Hiroki Kuroda

New Yankee starter Hiroki Kuroda signed the card I sent to him at Yankees spring training. From what I’ve seen, Kuroda seems to be a classy player who does and says all of the right things. I look from him to throw around 180 innings this yeah with an ERA right around 4.0. I’m sure he’ll find life in the AL East a bit more difficult than the NL West, but should find success by facing hitters who haven’t seen him much, as well as working with former battery-mate Russell Martin. I love the one-year deal for Kuroda while the Yanks prospects continue to develop. I’d much rather sign pitchers to one year deals instead of making multi-year commitments. See Burnett, AJ.

This was the only Kuroda card I own, but luckily it’s a nice A&G RC and the signature looks really good.


  1. Awesome dude! A great return!

    I wish Kuroda hadn't left....also, that he had a certified auto. Considering he's a Yankee, that second wish might come true haha.

  2. nice play on that card !! like greg says - our rotations gonna miss kuroda, and i agree with you, hes a class act.

    he fit right in the dodger tradition of nomo and saito.

  3. P.S. my 2012 prediction is skeptical yankees fans will be surprised, and bonehead dodger management will be sorry when they see what kuroda can do with some run support...of which was anemic for him in LA.

  4. Nice addition to your collection. I'm sorry I didn't think to write to Kuroda this spring.