Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TTM Success: Three in on a Monday

Last Monday, I opened my mailbox to find four little white envelopes, all addressed to me, from me. That means on thing! TTM returns! Not just any returns, but spring training returns! Ohhh yeah! Three were post-marked from Tampa, so I knew they were likely from Yankees. The other was from Arizona, so it could have been a handful of guys.

I’ll start with the big gun. Mariano Rivera returned my two cards signed. It’s just incredible that Mo still signs. Now, I did get him last year as well, but I wanted to try these two cards. It was a bit greedy, I admit. The Masterpieces card was begging for a signature, and it looks perfect with Mariano’s precise signature.Seriously, is there a nicer looking auto on a nicer looking card? The answer is no.

Mo’s possible replacement in 2013, Rafael Soriano, returned my Topps Update card signed. Quite the scribbly signature. 

My third success was a Topps Heritage Minors card signed by former Yankees first rounder Andrew Brackman, now in the Reds organization. Brackman had a disappointing career with NY, but did have a brief cup of coffee last September. I hope he is able to find more success with the Reds. His signature eluded me in the Yanks organization, so I’m happy to have this.

Finally, David Robertson returned my 2012 Topps unsigned. I was a little surprised. In the past, he was a great signer. I can think of two scenarios. One, he thought he signed it and didn’t. Or two – he does a lot of foundation work, especially for the tornado victims in Alabama. Perhaps he now requires a donation to sign. It’s a bummer, but it’s part of the hobby.