Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Fun Prize from the Big Fun Game

Ahh, Napkin Doon. He recently had another installment of the Big Fun Game. If you have had the good fortune of participating in the Big Fun Game, I hope you have the pleasure at some point. It works the same as Yankee Swap/White Elephant, and it's always fun. There was minimum stealing in this particular game, although I did have the pleasure of making one steal before I lost those cards.

I ended up with a pretty sweet manupatch of former Yankee Enos Slaughter. He is pictured here as a St Louis Cardinal, unfortunately. Perhaps I will doctor up the card and make a him a Yankee. However, that would involve opening this beast of a screw case that it came in, so I'll probably leave it as is because I'm lazy.

Doon, thanks for another great installment of the Big Fun Game.

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