Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tino Tuesday #37: 1998 Collector's Choice You Crash The Game - Win!

This Tino comes from Adam aka arpsmith of Arpsmith’sSportscard Obsession. He recently reached out say that he found this at his LCS and it was mine if I wanted it. It was a really nice gesture and I’m always thankful when someone thinks of me.

The card itself is from 1998 Collector’s Choice as part of the You Crash the Game insert set. As a kid collecting at this time, I LOVED this insert set. And not just for baseball. I loved it for basketball and football too. Essentially, if the player hit a HR (or scored a TD or had a certain number of points), you’d be able to send that card in for a prize. Some years it was for a limed edition set. Other years, you’d get a special card of the winning player.

Since this is a winning card, it looks like Tino came through and hit a homer on the date listed and this card was redeemed. Since it was always a favorite promotion of mine, I really appreciate having a Tino from this set.

Adam, thanks again!

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  1. Glad this was one you needed, i will be on the lookout for more oddball tino's for you.