Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fill ‘er up, and I’ll take some cards too

Back in 1994, Sunoco offered Fleer baseball cards when you purchased gas. I can’t remember if you got a free card or had to buy them. They might have even come in a three pack or something. I just remember that the guys at my dad’s work would always send these home with my dad for me. I seriously got like five or six of these a week. It was really cool of them.

The other day, I came across the Don Mattingly from this set. It made me want the entire set, so I found it on eBay for a few bucks shipped. It’s funny to see the checklist looking back. Some guys were no-brainers, like Griffey and Frank Thomas. However, other guys were interesting choices…Jay Bell, Kruk, Van Slyke. Although looking back, I’m sure those guys were the biggest names at the time.

In the 24 card set, there were three Phillies! I guess that’s how collectors feel nowadays when there are more Yankees in a set. The cards themselves were the same exact design as 1994 Fleer, but did not include any foil on the front. They were basically Fleer Opening Day cards.

I wish gas stations would do something like this nowadays. For $4 a gallon, I should well get a damn card with my purchase. I suppose there wouldn’t be much demand for them these days though. Do any of you guys remember these cards?


  1. I'd say Bell is the only real eyesore on the checklist. Van Slyke had a pretty awesome peak in the early 90s. And John Kruk has always been popular.

    Sunoco did do a set in 2001, all retired stars, mostly Hall of Famers. Two players per card. It's a pretty nice set, for gas station cards. They came in packs of 3 for 99 cents with a fill-up.

    JT, The Writer's Journey

  2. I don't remember the ones in '94 because I wasn't collecting then. But I do remember the ones that JT is talking about. I walked into a Sunoco station, and the cards were sitting right there. It was cool to pull a Clemente and a Lynn/Rice out of a pack, too.

  3. I wish anyone (gas stations, Denny's, cereal companies, etc.) would start giving out cards again. No one does it anymore and it stinks.