Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Napkin Doon defaces the card of the year

Napkin Doon has defaced the Card of the Year ™, a crime punishable by banishment from the blogging community. However, he hasn’t done a blog post in over two years, so I guess that isn’t going to work. Next worst punishment: being featured on my blog.

Why he did it, we’ll never know. Actually, I do know. He is a Rangers fan, and hates Jose Bautista. He hates him so much he asked me to get him an NY Post from the day that Rougned Odor punched Bautista in the face. I obliged, and Napkin Doon sent me some cards in return.

Outside of this custom work of art, there were great Yankees in the batch:
Three Jose Canseco Yankee cards for my Unofficial Jose Canseco Yankees PC. I needed these.
My favorite card of the bunch is easily this framed Gypsy Queen Gary Sanchez. Little did Nap know he was sending me a cool parallel of a one day AL MVP.
Here is another future MVP, Jorge Mateo, on yellow Bowman parallel. His prospect status has cooled down a lot, but I’m still going to gobble up his cards.
Wow, another MVP. This time, MVP of the 1999 ALCS. This is not one of the cooler insert sets of the 1990s, although I’m sure Adidas would disagree.
I like Oscar Gamble. A lot. He had some goofy hair. But why can’t I get Tino in an Archives set?
Speaking of Tino!
Boom. Love this vintage. Elston Howard, one of the most underrated Yankees of all time.
This Bernie is sweet. Eat your heart out, Mike Trout.
And the best of the rest!

Napkin Doon, next time put your high-end artistic skills to work in a more positive way, ok?


  1. I've never seen that Bernie before - what a perfectly framed shot! Also, I'm pretty neutral on the whole Bautista thing, but that is a rather amusing custom job.

  2. That custom is hilarious. I'm pro bat flipping so Jose Bautista doesn't bother me so much. MLB has nothing on the Korean league. Those guys are bat flipping masters.

  3. I'll take this as a begrudging appreciation of my artistic genius. And I actually like Baustista. I think dudes like him make the game more interesting, and I would loooove to have him on the Rangers. I just like Odor more, and that punch was awesome. And my card is awesome. Thanks for sharing it with the world, and keeping my name alive in the "blogosphere."

    1. Looks like Blogger needs to do a better job blocking those spam bots.

  4. If you look closely, Odor is getting hit in the head with the bat. No wonder he's taking a swing at Jose...