Thursday, August 4, 2016

SuperTraders #17: Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary

SuperTrader Brian from Highly Subjective and CompletelyArbitrary has the distinct honor of being the first person to send cards to my new address. It helped make my new home feel a little homier by going to the mailbox and receiving a card package.

The PWE was divided evenly with both cards for me and cards for Joey’s HOF binder (which I admittedly need to provide an update on, as well as update the tab above).

Here are the cards for me. I really like that ARod Topps 206 card. Yesterday I showed a few Fleer Metal cards with NYC as the backdrop, and now this. I do love when the city is incorporated. 
The rest of the cards were really a mixture that show just how the Yankees are no longer relying on these particular guys, and are now looking to a future with a completely new crop of youngsters. Mark Teixeira is in the last year of his contract. ARod is basically going to get cut loose any day now. Curtis Granderson homered at Yankee Stadium last night…as a Met. Robinson Cano signed his mega deal to rot away in Seattle for 10 years. CC is no longer the ace he once was, although has managed to still be one of the more effective starters on this year’s team. Regardless, these guys truly are part of the past now, which is just hard to believe. 
I really appreciate these six HOFers for my son. A solid group of players, and I’ll happily add them to his growing binder. As I’ve mentioned before, any card sent for Joey will always find a place in the binder I’ve been keeping for him.

Thanks for the cards, and the housewarming gift, Brian!

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