Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Kraken keeps smackin'

In December, Yankees GM Brian Cashman had a bit of a prophecy:

Unleash the Kraken.

Well, nine months later, the Kraken has most definitely been unleashed. Gary Sanchez continues to be the hottest hitter in baseball. He just hit his 10th HR and had his 20th RBI in his 20th MLB game.

I know he won't keep up this pace (duh), but man, it's fun. I'd think he'll end up with an AL Player of the Month Award for August, but we'll see.

Anyhow, here's a new Sanchez I surprisingly didn't have this 2011 Bowman Sterling, courtesy of San Jose Fuji:
I also just came across this, which I never added to my Sanchez PC list:
Sanchez cards are crazy high right now, so if you're looking to own a card of his, I'd certainly wait until the market starts to correct itself a little bit.


  1. The Kraken, huh? He sure has been crackin' the ball all over the place. Good thing you picked up those cards before the market exploded; I think that Sanchez/Mondesi card sells for $6 on COMC.

    I just wrote about Sanchez on my blog but I gave you credit. Wasn't gonna steal your idea but then he went and hit another homer. Sheesh. Enough already! :p

    The Collector

  2. Gary's singlehandedly made watching the Yankees fun again.