Sunday, February 11, 2018

PK sends the 2018 goods

Our favorite Darryl Strawberry collector, Mr. PK Steinberg of Baseball Every Night, was kind enough send me a whole bunch of 2018 Series One Yankees he pulled, many of which I needed. I did happen to a pull a Darryl Strawberry insert which I think (hope) he still needs, but he certainly delivered the goods.

This is my first Topps Gold of a Yankee this year, and it's a good one of the big man. I love the hat tip, although can't tell if he's just adjusting it or walking off the mound after being removed from a game.
Two Judges! Yes, please.
Actually, there were two more Judges here from the Topps Now insert set. I don't mind having these cards in the set, but I think not limiting to the 10 most popular in terms of print run was the way to do it. I wonder if it was broken into five sets of three, if it would have more appeal? Something like top 5 copies, top 5 least sold/scarce, and then top five editor or fan's choice moments. At least there would be a bit more diversity in the set and likely be appreciated by more collectors.
Great Superstars Sensations card of Gray Sanchez. I love how under the radar he's going to fly this season with all of the Judge and Stanton hype. He might be the best pure hitter of the three.
Last but not least, there was a nice stack of Jeter Highlights I needed. Love the Bobby Murcer appearance. I'm going to try to put together at least one of these sets - maybe 2 - so am willing to take these off anyone's hands.
PK, thank you sir! I'll get that Straw out to you one of these days.

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